Friday, 11 July 2014

Finding the quiet place within you.

In the space between the hustle and bustle of life something wonderful can happen.
A sense that all that rushing, planning and fussing was in fact orchestrated by external forces. Society held beliefs that not being "busy" is a sign of failure.  That peaceful core of you - that authentic self, does not want a life led at ninety miles an hour.
Slow down.
Slow down before your body takes away your ability to choose.
Reflecting back on my own years spent as a hedonistic thrill seeker, I feel a wave of sadness as I now see clearly that my attempt to get as far away from myself; my own pain, as possible was completely futile. 
Now, as I watch others, young and old(er) splashing their exuberant, extrovert antics over social media sites I know there's no point in diving into their world in an attempt to save them from themselves. 
It's okay.  
Quietly, and in the space between the busy times, they will get a nudge to slow down, a sign - hopefully a gentle one -  to just be quiet. Only by removing the false chatter, the empty laughter, the noise of being busy, can they start to build a relationship with that quiet place that has been waiting for them.  It doesn't want to be a stranger any more. 
As I sit here now watching a shrub bejewelled with bright yellow flowers dancing effortlessly in the summer breeze, I wonder why we have to try so hard? Society has dictated so much to us, we're left believing we need to be more than our beautiful, perfect selves.
The yellow flowering bush takes nutrition from the soil, the sun and is quenched by the rain.
Providing all those fairly simple needs are met, the plant will grow and flourish into it's beautiful adult self - perfect.
No ego.
No need for it to try to be something else.
Oh nature!  How inspiring you are!
And we are natural too - you are a beautiful, perfect being.
By meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs you can, and will, flourish into exactly what you are meant to be.
"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in life has a purpose."  - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
"The best cure for the body is a quiet mind." - Napoleon Bonaparte