Saturday, 10 November 2018

On giving praise and support.

At some time or another I'm sure we've all heard it said that in Britain we tend to pay attention to someone's failures rather than celebrating their successes.

I find this baffling. 

Today on BBC Radio 4  I heard a woman say it again with regards to a battle we won that we rarely hear about - she finished by saying,

"Of course we're more likely to hear about the battles we lost than the battles we won!"

I'm not convinced this is always the case - but I do know I'm tired of witnessing glee at someone's demise rather than elation at their happiness, contentment or achievement.

When a friend, loved one, or a client has a success - whatever form that takes -  I am genuinely delighted for them.

I share their joy and jubilation because I am privileged to be the person they've chosen to tell their story to.  I'm grateful to be around when someone overcomes self doubt and many unspoken, private obstacles to reach their goal. 

Success is such a personal and unique experience.  The observer gleans only a snippet of the battles and self sabotaging thoughts they have managed to subdue in order to stay on the path to where they want to be.

Be kind.
Be grateful.
Be gracious.
Be humble.

When someone wants to share with you - be still and be quiet!  Listen and appreciate that they've chosen to speak to you. 

Isn't it better to listen, support, encourage and praise than ignore, chastise, discourage and condemn? 

We are all struggling in one way or another and small wins should be celebrated!  Let's build each others confidence and bit by bit maybe we can turn this old belief around - maybe one day Britain can be a place where we get pleasure hearing of an individual's achievements, and if someone fails maybe the attention we give to that is to help them learn from it and support them in finding another route to reach their goal.

With love,
Kathleen x

"We can all remember a time when someone encouraged us and made a difference in our lives.  It may be just a moment, but this encouragement could last a lifetime."  - Megan Shull.