Monday, 18 June 2018

Together we are strong and purposeful

I took this photograph last week while visiting Foreland House and Gardens on the west coast island of Islay.  These steps inspired this blog post.

These beautiful stone steps are each slightly different, each unique slab of stone laid carefully years ago allowing access to the potting shed from the walled garden.

One step without the other would make their purpose futile, but each one placed directly where it should be and the structure and form becomes worthwhile and beneficial.

It seems to me that we've all become a bit obsessed with the need to display our individual uniqueness.

Don't get me wrong, we are all wonderfully unique and we are all emotionally fragile, mortal beings.

The threads that weave us together are a stronger truth than the narcissistic belief that we are different or somehow more special than our neighbour.

This striving to claim and expose our specialness has led to a toxic separateness from our fellow man.

What small thing could you do today to help another person (and you) regain that feeling of  connectedness?

With love,
Kathleen x

"Without the human community one single human cannot survive." -  Dalai Lama