Friday, 31 August 2018

When sleep seems a thing of the past.

There's a particular quality to the silence in the early mornings that helps me feel more connected to the natural world. 

Everything seems to be slowly and sleepily presenting outstretched arms to the new day full of optimism and possibility.

However, recently I've not been sleeping very well and with only 2-3 hours sleep a night I'm finding mornings have turned from my most loyal friend to my most irritating foe.

This lead blanket of tiredness has sapped my usual joy of wakening.  I'm now aware of an unusual feeling of separateness from what has been a lovingly familiar and comforting outside world,
as it rouses from darkness to daylight.

I don't know exactly what has triggered this bout of insomnia, but I am sure it will pass.  I will continue to get up, write, work and do all the things I love. 

Catnaps might be in order until my normal sleep pattern returns, until then I'll take a leaf out of Bertie's book - he's got cat napping down to a fine art!

With love,
Kathleen x

" The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, do not go back to sleep." - Rumi

"In its early stages, insomnia is almost an oasis in which those who have to think or suffer darkly take refuge." Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette