Monday, 15 October 2018

The hungry opportunist

If someone is deemed to be 'hungry' for something it's generally seen as a good thing as they are thought to be an unstoppable force, driven and determined to get what they want.

In my opinion it can also be a precursor to a much less desirable, more selfish and even destructive state of affairs.

The hungry opportunist is the worst.

They lose sight of the bigger picture and focus only on what they want by pushing, elbowing, instructing, demanding and manipulating their way to the front.

The hungry opportunist has no grace or humility and never acknowledges others -  they are blinkered and focused only on what they want.

They harbour a selfishness like no other -   a tidal wave washing over everyone,  oblivious to the havoc and pain left behind -  keeping an eye on the target without a thought or care for the lives or work of others.

Each of us should pay attention to the warning signs, so that we can spot when we encounter a hungry opportunist.  The signs are:

* They only talk about themselves.
* They show little (if any) interest in you or your loved ones.
* They always talk about their own achievements.
* They think they are somehow special and better than others.
* They rarely pay attention to 'irrelevant' details like names of people who matter to you. 
* They rarely remember anything that you've done or achieved because ultimately you're irrelevant to them.
* Everything you have to say is dismissed with an attempt to change the subject so the conversation can be quickly brought back to themselves.

There is a lot going on in the head of the hungry opportunist.

They do not want to miss out on being in the limelight.  They get aggressive and emotional at the idea of being side-lined. As the observer, you can feel their panic rising as they worry about losing their 'top dog' status.

They can be ruthless in finding ways to grab their way back to the top position - and ultimately we should feel empathy and sadness for these people, while also protecting ourselves.

Why does someone become a hungry opportunist?

I don't know. 

Most likely there is no single reason. 

Most likely it's covering a multitude of insecurities.

Being a hungry opportunist with a focus on the top position keeps them away from their emotions.

To feel, express and be in their emotional body might be too overwhelming and frightening for them.

In this blog post my care is for you. You must protect yourself, be grounded during your interactions with the hungry opportunist and speak clearly about your needs. Do not let them plough through you with their ideas and plans.

You are a person in your own right and your thoughts and opinions matter.  Your bodymind wants to witness you speaking up, expressing your truth and getting your needs met - please love and respect yourself enough to stand up to the hungry opportunist in your life. 

With love,
Kathleen x

"Selfishness comes from poverty in the heart, from the belief that love is not abundant." - Don Miguel  Ruiz.