Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Ivy and you

I've been cutting back some ivy in the garden..."some" being quite the mammoth understatement.  It's amazing how relentless and unstoppable it is.  No matter what obstacles lie in it's path the ivy doesn't give up. Instead it twists and turns, climbs and buries in every direction possible, determined to continue unhindered.  It's "programmed" to travel and grow this way.  One of the things we do which hinders us, is we often stop just when we're getting into our stride.  We analyse, we ponder we consider the other people involved.  Meanwhile opportunities are missed, the ivy has grown over the spot you were planning to cultivate, you miss your chance often from simply over thinking!
If you're doing well and enjoying the journey don't let others distract you from your path.  Stay grounded and focused and keep going, the ivy doesn't see a boulder or a fence and re-consider it's route!  Just pay attention to what feels right and go wherever your heart takes you.
"You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going, put blinders on and plow right ahead." - George Lucas.
"Don't watch the clock do what it does, keep going." - Sam Leverson

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