Saturday, 9 November 2013

The ultimate winners

After a terrible revelation that came to light a few years ago, I made it my mission to remedy a horrendous wrong. Sleepless nights, some anxiety and a deep sense of being completely alone with my grief and anger ensued.
Friends said the right stuff, family did their best, and my husband Andrew kept me as grounded as he could.
Sadly, bit by bit it became apparent that, despite letters and phone calls to all the relevant agencies involved in the case the ultimate, "corroborative evidence" was missing, therefore - at that point - the case could not be brought to fruition.
Five years have passed, and though justice has not (yet) been done, I feel that my daughters and I are winners in the true sense of the word. 
All three of us are healthy, happy and in loving relationships with a tremendous circle of friends that have been there for us throughout.
So, when I wrote recently on Facebook that, "winning is not always about defeating another person" it was this life changing event that I was referring to.
We may be deeply scarred by what has happened, BUT it has also done the opposite of what the perpetrator may have wanted, by making us stronger, even more appreciative of each other and bonded our love in a way that he, and people like him, will never experience in their lives.
"My love for you is not like rain, which comes and goes away. But it's like sky, moves with you all around." - Raghav Singh

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