Monday, 13 January 2014

The strength to snap!

Sometimes an assumption is made about the strength of another. I often meet clients who are seen by others as being able to cope with anything life throws at them; and so begins a cycle which can be seriously detrimental to their health.
This self-defeating pattern often begins when they are called upon by a family member, friend or colleague to help with a situation that has developed, and they hear themselves saying, "Yes, of problem!" Their headmind may initially be flattered by the fact that it's clear they're seen as focused, strong - maybe even infallible!
Putting aside any of their own needs they get stuck on that never-ending roller coaster of doing and doing and doing - and all of it for the benefit of others.
The bodymind will only tolerate this imbalance for so long - and if they don't gather the strength to speak up and ask for help the inevitable symptoms will begin.
How loud do your symptoms have to get before you stop and speak up?  Is there someone at your work, or in your family you know is dealing with too much, putting a brave face on it and resisting asking for help?  Do them a favour and get that conversation started.  Being strong is one thing - being strong enough to speak up when you want off the roller-coaster is another. Maybe you're the one who can help that person put the brakes on, or maybe you've started getting symptoms and are fumbling for the brakes yourself.  Know that the minute you reach out for help is the minute your body can start turning down the volume of your symptoms and help you get some balance back into your life.  Remember too, it really is okay to say, "No" and by doing so you will be able to say, "Yes" to more.  As soon as you make speaking up and creating balance in your own life the priority your body will truly celebrate that it can start freeing you from debilitating stress - related symptoms, so please, don't put it off any longer!
"When you say "yes" to others, make sure you are not saying "no" to yourself." - Paulo Coelho
"Saying yes to happiness means learning to say no to things and people that stress you out." - Thema Davis

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