Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lighthouses, faith, you and me.

In my role as a therapist I have the privilege to meet and work with people from a broad spectrum of beliefs and spiritual backgrounds.
One thing I have learnt when speaking with my clients is that it matters to them that they get the chance to tell me a bit about their faith - often their faith makes up a huge part of their life, so their wish to share that with me is completely acceptable and understandable. I'm interested to hear about faith, so for me it's an educational part of our session and helps me gain a clearer understanding of the person I'm working with.
There's a thread that seems to connect each person who speaks to me about their faith - and when they speak about it I can often experience a wave of peaceful contentment as I listen to them describe what their faith brings to their life.
Just as a lighthouse shines out in the dark depths of night, no matter how treacherous the seas, no matter how isolated the sailor feels; the constant beckoning from the lighthouse provides comfort and security. For my clients with faith, however bad their symptoms, they often have a sense of peaceful knowing that all will be well.
Their "lighthouse" an unfaltering guide and companion on their journey through life.  Within each of them, it's unique; yet the same. A different name; yet the same.  A different place to worship; yet the same. A different way to pray; yet the same.  A different food to eat; yet the same.
Lighthouses are often shaped differently, standing solidly but in very different locations - yet they have the same job.  All different; but the same.
As lighthouses; as faith; as people.
Different - yet the same.
"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree." - Albert Einstein
"The essence of all religions is one.  Only their approaches are different."- Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. This feeling of 'connection' and 'oneness' is so important and that's what I believe you are experiencing in the calmness of examining another's 'faith'.