Monday, 16 January 2017

Taking down the wall

For those of you who prefer to live hidden behind a self built wall...I write this for you.
There's security, certainty a safeness about lying low, hidden from the world and its bombardment of confusing, messiness.
However,  if you're viewing the world with the belief that you mustn't be seen then you are also depriving yourself of the opportunity to witness real beauty and light intertwined with life's confusing messiness.
We cannot live (healthily) by hiding from the world, wearing blinkers and refusing to engage or walk alongside the trials, successes, joy and grief of our fellow man.
Start slowly.
It can be daunting.
Remove one brick at a time.
The view will change and as it does you can remind yourself of the thread of commonality that runs through all of us.
Celebrate that you are never really alone - unless it's self imposed - there is always a way of being with, and reaching out to others.
With love,
Kathleen x

"We are all cells in the same body of humanity."Peace Pilgrim

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