Sunday, 16 February 2014

Not them, just us.

I long to be outdoors all of the time.  I get bundled up for the below zero temperatures, I turn my back on the prevailing gale force winds - ignoring bad behaviour as I do with a child.  Secretly I love all of it.  From the mundane to the extreme I am part of the great outdoors just as much as anything else "out there" in the natural world.
I have weather beaten hands, rough as a bricklayer who ignored health and safety regulations by never wearing protective gloves in his thirty year career.  It doesn't matter - they don't hurt me - my kids don't like them much, my husband cracks jokes about using them to sand down the woodwork before the next application of paint! I don't mind.
It's a small price to pay for staying outside where I feel completely connected to everything.
I get mildly irritated by man's involvement.  Long walks on the road can result in me having a heightened awareness of the weird camber of the road.  I know it's essential to allow surface water to drain off the hardened ground, but as a result I prefer to walk in the middle of the road, until I hear a car coming of course, more evasive action required because of man's involvement.
On Friday I'd been out for a walk on a grey windy day.  On my return home I opened my gate to find a blackbird welcoming me, simultaneously an inquisitive wren popped out from the stone wall to see what all the fuss was about, then quickly darted back into hiding.  I quietly envied them both.
I kept all my outdoor clothes on, made a hot drink and went back outside.  I lay flat on my wooden bench and just watched the grey sky.  There was much more going on that I'd appreciated on my walk.  This grey day was evolving and changing dramatically before my eyes.  Like the steam dancing from the boiling kettle the low clouds were steaming along at a great rate.  Every so often I caught a glimpse of the potential for a brighter, sunnier day - but the steaming clouds won. It didn't matter, I was mesmerised by nature in all it's glory.
If you're feeling disjointed and separate from the world I encourage you to go outside.  Just walk, or sit, cycle or jog - just breathe and observe all that's around you.  Be aware of your size and shape in the outside world.  Feel how much of you is in fact connected to everything else, the clouds, the air, the people, the birds - we are infinitely inseparable. - enjoy reminding you that the separateness you feel is created in your head, your body is well aware of the oneness of everything!
"But I'll tell you what hermits realise. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything." - Alan Watts
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

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