Sunday, 7 June 2015

The patchwork of life.

Patchwork intrigues me.
The bringing together of pieces of fabric from a variety of sources to create one beautiful piece of art.
Some fabrics leap out and tickle my eyes with delight, while others blend silently into the background, each piece doing a great job at making the ensemble an awesome artistic achievement.
If I look at each piece individually I notice the texture, the neatness and quality of the hand stitched joins. Some pieces are frayed, some held tightly, some are perfectly symmetrical and knowing each stitch was done by hand brings a new quality to this hand crafted gem.
As in patchwork, as in life....
Each patch of my life has a different vibrancy about it, some pieces I don't wish to look back on, other patches I want to stare at and long to re-create.
The areas where the edges are frayed and the joins worn and thin are clear reminders of times when I didn't pay attention to all the aspects that make me whole.  My physical, emotional and spiritual needs all require daily attention, if I push any of them to one side the patchwork that is my life will not be able to hide the evidence.
How is your patchwork looking?  Are the edges of each patch beautifully held together, or is there some repair work required? Take time today to decide what you could do to ensure you can look back on today with joy and delight.  You can make this moment a beautiful snap shot of  your history; a life lived in balance and harmony will  help you create the most wonderful patchwork.
With love, Kathleen x
"We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and patchwork; now a little joy, then a sorrow, now a sin, then a generous or brave action." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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