Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Last night I was pottering around in the kitchen thinking about all the things I had to do before tomorrow. Charlie's going off camping and I needed to sort out his clothes and make supper for us both and on and on went my head! I looked up for a moment and saw the weirdest shaped clouds in the sky with a lovely red and orange background - really beautiful.

It dawned on me how anxious I had been getting with all the thoughts whizzing around my head, the time was rushing by and I felt a bit overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. So I put down the dishes I'd been washing and went up to my bedroom. I opened the two large windows that look out over the setting sun and just enjoyed breathing in the cool evening air. Being still I could notice the slight sound of the rustling leaves in the breeze. I could even hear the cattle in the field ripping up the grass as they fed - everything fell back into alignment. My head had stopped worrying and I was focused purely on engaging all my senses in that moment of stillness. I only stayed up there for 15minutes, but that was long enough to remind myself that peace is always within my grasp. I had become aware I was getting uptight with all the tasks I thought I had, but rather than feeding into the loop I was able to stop and be still again. I should add that I've still not done everything! Charlie goes away at 4pm today - and I'm enjoying writing this, and I'm going out to play football with him in a few minutes! All the jobs will be done by the time he has to go :)

" Stop trying to push yourself somewhere. Then someday you will understand that simply by awareness you have already attained what you were pushing yourself toward." - Anthony de Mellow

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